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GISA Council
a Not-for-Profit global initiative

Global Information Systems Auditors Council (GISA Council) for Security Research and Education, is a prestigious and pioneering, NOT-FOR-PROFIT organization dedicated to fortifying the digital landscape with a relentless commitment to advancing the frontiers of knowledge and practice in the information security domain.


The GISA Council serves as a unifying platform for Cyber Security Experts, Seasoned Industry Professionals, Worldwide pioneers in cyber leadership, visionary researchers, and emerging talents, fostering a dynamic community of vigilant cyber guardians of the cyber domain to make the digital world safer and secure for all.

Our Vision

Building Secure Digital World for All

Fostering a vigilant global cybersecurity community through pioneering research, uniting experts, and empowering individuals as well as organizations to secure the digital landscape for all

Group of Activists

Igniting Brilliance in Security

Team Brainstorm

Our Mission

 Empowering Guardians of Cyberspace

Empower individuals and organisations with the skills, insights, and resources they need to safeguard their digital assets from ever-evolving threats.

We Educate

Learn no matter where you are in your career and Grow

Our industry-aligned meticulously crafted Skilled Based Training Program caters to the skilling, reskilling, and upskilling of beginners and seasoned professionals. 


It aims to equip individuals as well as organizations with a robust toolkit of knowledge, strategies, and best practices that will enable them to navigate the intricate landscape of information security with confidence and mastery.

Training course
Business Meeting

We Certify

Enhance your Credibility

Our Certification is an acknowledgment of your progressive learning aptitude and commitment to raising your know-how to address the threats and risk business enterprises are facing.


It validates your skills and mastery to advance the industry standard to build a secure cyber world for all.

We Engage

Build Network and Strengthen Industry

GISA Council creates an equal opportunity for all to get access to resources and experts through community-building activities and events to foster knowledge exchange, advancement of industry standards, research, and innovation.


This enables individuals to continuously learn, grow and contribute to the advancement of digital trust. 

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